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Ossur Miami J Cervical Collar


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Product Highlights:
  • Sorbatex II padding is antibacterial and clinically proven to inhibit microbial growth, which enhances comfort and helps assure patient compliance
  • Bioengineered to minimize pressure points in key known areas; chin, occiput, trapezious and clavicle
  • Sizing based on 7 phenotypes to ensure proper fit and optimum immobilization
  • Comfort adjustment buttons for occiput and mandible, removable sternal pad for supine and swallowing
  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Visit Brace.Direct (an American Owned Company) to schedule your appointment with a medical professional for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit.

Known as the superior c-spine immobilizer on the market through multiple independent studies, the Ossur Miami J Collar's patented design meets the specialized needs of all those afflicted with cervical injuries. The Miami J offers features that enhance compliance and help speed recovery while ensuring immobilization, inhibition of skin breakdown and patient comfort.

Please note: Choose collar size based on patient neck height, not patient body size.
Each collar has a bioengineered front with a specific back designed to work together for superior immobilization.

Compatible Accessories:

Miami JTO® Extension , Occian™ Back