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Ossur Metal Upright Air Walker

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Size: XS Size

Product Highlights:

  • Malleable struts allow you to customized fit
  • Rocker bottom sole promotes a more natural gait
  • Pneumatic pump allows air compression to be adjusted as needed for a more customized fit.
  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Visit Brace.Direct (an American Owned Company) to schedule your appointment with a medical professional for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit.
Shipping information

Shipping Time: 2 - 5 Days

Ossur Metal Upright Air Walker
Ossur Metal Upright Air Walker
Size: XS Size

Foot and ankle conditions that may benefit from motion restriction, such as:
• Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains
• Stable fractures
• During postoperative or rehab phase


• High quality rigid outer skeleton for protection.

• Metal upright design allow for bars to be contoured to the patient for a custom fit.

• Dense foam lining within the sole to provide comfort and support.

• Shock absorbing sole to improve comfort and protects the user from slips, providing additional security in each step. 

• Uprights give additional stability by restricting of motion of the leg.

• Large air bladder creates a larger surface for contact pressure to help control swelling and ensure a snug fit.

To Put on the Pneumatic Walker with Metal Uprights

• Open the boot liner without removing it from the boot.

• Place the boot flat on the floor and put your foot inside the boot. Make sure your heel is touching the back of the boot.

• Secure the boot lining to your leg by overlapping the lining on top of your foot and at the front of your lower leg.

• Secure the remaining Velcro straps, beginning with the straps closest to your toes.

To Control the Air Pressure inside the Pneumatic Walker with Metal Uprights.

• To put air inside the boot, turn the valve clockwise until secure, then squeeze the grey bulb until you feel adequate pressure.

• To remove air from the boot, simply turn the valve counterclockwise.

To Take Off the Pneumatic Walker with Metal Uprights

• Open the boot liner by detaching all of the Velcro straps.

• Without removing the liner from the base of the boot, take your foot out of the Walker.

Washing Instructions

Wash the liner with mild soap and water and lay out to dry. DO NOT machine dry.