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OCSI DynaPro Finger Flex WHFO L3807


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Product Highlights:
  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Visit Brace.Direct, an American owned company, to schedule your appointment with an experienced team member for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit- guaranteed.
  • Static/Flex Neuro-Dynamic Therapy; Color coded straps.
  • Resting hand design with flexible finger platform; Finger separators included.
  • Flexible wrist, MCP and PIP insert minimizes spastic episodes.
  • Treats mild to moderate (<90°) contractures of the wrist, hand and fingers, for patients with tone and/or spasticity.

 The DynaPro Finger Flex is a resting hand design with a thermoplastic insert that is heat molded approximately 15 to 30 degrees “ahead” of comfortable end range stretch at the wrist (i.e., with wrist contracture of 45 degrees, the insert is heat molded to – 30 to -15° degrees). The finger pan should be heat molded to maintain the fingers in optimal extension. When applied, the flexible insert will “flex” into the wrist contracture applying a therapeutic, inhibiting stretch on the shortened tissue at the wrist and the fingers. The gentle tension applied by the correctly heat molded insert will provide abnormal reflex arc therapy to reduce abnormal tone over time as well as lengthening shortened tissue. As wrist extension is improved, the fingers will also open incrementally farther. The device should be modified by heat molding the insert every 6 to 8 weeks to continue contracture reversal (i.e., when the wrist improves from – 45 to -30, the insert must be heat molded to – 15 to neutral to continue the “flex” therapy). By increasing wear time to three to six hours per use, the Total End Range Time (TERT) of device wear provides long effects stretch and permanent increases in joint range of motion over time. Orthotic treatment should be continued until function is restored to the affected hand.


  • Treats mild to moderate (<90°) contractures of the wrist, hand and fingers, for patients with tone and/or spasticity