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OCSI AirPro Elbow Brace L3760


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Product Highlights:
  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Visit Brace.Direct, an American owned company, to schedule your appointment with an experienced team member for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit- guaranteed.
  • AIR THERAPY – Low Load Prolonged Stretch (LLPS)- Provides gentle air stretch to reverse tissue shortening
  • ROM hinges provides controlled range of motion therapy
  • Universal left or right fit
  • Treats severe Elbow Flexion Contractures and is ideal for spasticity management

 Ideal for pneumatic gentle stretch therapy to reverse severe flexion contractures of the elbow. Orthotic therapy for severe flexion contractures of the elbow (> 90°), longer wearing schedules, or for patients where brace application is difficult. The AirPro® Elbow is a double upright elbow orthosis with Range of Motion (ROM) hinges on each upright. The hinges have flexion / extension stops that can be set to control movement of the elbow. A pneumatic air bladder is enclosed in a bladder pocket sewn into the volar side of the brace. When inflated, the air bladder will provide a gentle Low Load Prolonged Stretch to the elbow. An air actuator is provided with each brace, and is used to inflate and deflate the air bladder. An inflation / deflation nozzle can be found at the air bladder pocket opening at the distal end of the air bladder pocket. Over time, the increased elbow Range of Motion should be evident, allowing for increased functional use of the affected joint. Functional use of the elbow can be significantly improved by increasing ROM through the Low Load Prolonged Stretch provided by the device, allowing for greater independence in ADL’s. By increasing wear time to three to six hours per use, the Total End Range Time (TERT) of device wear provides long effects stretch and permanent increases in joint range of motion over time. Orthotic treatment should be continued until function is restored to the affected elbow. If function is not restored or significantly limited, the device should be used to maintain ROM as needed.


  • Elbow Flexion Contractures

  • Spasticity Management

  • Increase ROM of the elbow