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Brace Direct

Gently Used Brace Direct Frozen Ice Unit Cold Therapy System with Universal Pad


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Product Highlights:
  • EASY TO USE -The clear base allows for easy filling with marked guides for both ice and water levels. Tubing uses simple, secure connectors to ensure no leaks.
  • QUIET, COMPACT AND PORTABLE- with an easy to carry handle, the cold therapy system is quiet and unobtrusive making it convenient to use anywhere.
  • UNIVERSAL ERGONOMIC THERAPY PAD- The flexible pad and repositionable straps make our universal therapy pad perfect for use on the ankle, knee, leg, hip, elbow, shoulder and arm. Includes three sizes of elastic strap for securing position and compression
  • RELIEF FROM PAIN and swelling following surgical procedures, trauma, post workout soreness, inflammation, arthritis, sprains, tendonitis and other joint and muscle pain
  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Visit Brace.Direct (an American Owned Company) to schedule your appointment with a medical professional for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit.

Get relief from muscle and joint pain quickly and easily with our Frozen Ice Cold Therapy unit! 

Frozen Ice Cold therapy machine reduces pain by minimizing swelling at affected areas- especially muscles, joints and tendons. This makes it ideal for tendonitis, shoulder, knee, ankle, back and more post surgical pain and swelling, post workout sore muscles, arthritis, sprains and more. It also reduces nerve sensitivity which additionally helps relieve pain. Our Frozen Ice Cold Therapy Unit uses cold ice cryotherapy in conjunction with our universal large, ergonomic pad to deliver ice cold pain relief effortlessly. The included universal pad can even be used under a cast or a splint. Additional pads for knee, shoulder and ankle are also available for purchase.


  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Arthritis and other joint pain
  • Post workout recovery
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Tendonitis