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Cybertech Minerva Orthosis Cervical Thoracic Halo Brace


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Product Highlights:
  • Occipital component with optional forehead strap for increased immobilization
  • Vented panels and open design promotes airflow and increases patient comfort
  • Low-profile posterior allows patients to sleep in the brace
  • Adjustable chin piece and malleable occipital panel provide a customized fit
  • Unique quick adjusting straps and stops ensures the device is reapplied the same every time

Cervical thoracic brace with occipital component limiting flexion, extension, and rotation of the cervical region while also supporting the upper spine.

Indicated for Jefferson’s fracture without transverse ligament injury, light wedge fractures following traction or occipital post-op fractures, post-trauma, arthritis, acute pain, and spinal stenosis.