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Brace Direct

Brace Direct Wrist Splint with Thumb Spica


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Product Highlights:
  • CUSTOM-FIT DESIGN: The Brace Direct Wrist Splint with Thumb Spica ensures a secure, comfortable fit with its adjustable radial and palmar stays, ideal for both left and right-hand use. This feature provides tailored support for various wrist and thumb conditions.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATION: Crafted for universal sizing, this splint accommodates various hand sizes and is suitable for a range of conditions, from arthritis to post-cast healing, ensuring broad usability.
  • ERGONOMIC COMFORT: Made with lightweight, breathable material, this wrist and thumb splint minimizes discomfort and skin irritation, making it suitable for all-day and night wear.
  • EFFECTIVE SUPPORT: Offering reliable immobilization, the Brace Direct splint aids in the recovery of tendonitis, DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis, sprains, and more, providing essential support where it's needed most.
  • PERFECT FIT PROMISE: Visit Brace.Direct for a personalized fitting session with a medical professional, ensuring the optimal fit for your wrist and thumb support needs.

Brace Direct's Ergonomic Wrist and Thumb Splint for Optimal Support

Designed for adaptability, the Brace Direct Wrist Splint with Thumb Spica caters to both left and right-hand use, accommodating a wide range of hand sizes. Ideal for conditions like arthritis, tendonitis, and post-surgery recovery, this splint provides customizable support and effective immobilization. Its breathable fabric ensures long-wearing comfort, reducing skin irritation and enhancing recovery.


Consult our sizing chart or leverage our Perfect Fit Promise for the best fit.


  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis
  • Sprains, Strains, Scaphoid injuries
  • Gamekeeper's Thumb
  • Ligament Injuries
  • Post-Cast Healing
  • Soft Tissue Injuries