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Brace Direct

Brace Direct Immobilizer with Abductor Shoulder Brace


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Product Highlights:
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT FOR SHOULDER AND ARM- Recover comfortably while immobilizing the shoulder following surgery or injury, including shoulder dislocations, subluxations, and rotator cuff repair.
  • ADJUSTABLE POSITIONING PILLOW is removable and provides higher degrees of abduction from the original position and allows the brace to be easily cleaned.
  • QUICK RELEASE AND ADJUSTABLE sling, shoulder and waist strap. Sling can be adjusted from 16.5” to 20.5”. Shoulder and waist loop prevent migration as well as quick-release for ease of application and removal.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BREATHABLE non irritating neoprene material allows brace to be worn comfortably all day. Cushioned shoulder strap to guarantee the perfect fit. Retains the perfect level of comfort and support for everyday wear.
  • PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Visit Brace.Direct (an American Owned Company) to schedule your appointment with a medical professional for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit.

Brace Direct’s Shoulder Immobilizer with Abductor is made out of lightweight breathable neoprene material and has a quick release and adjustable shoulder strap and waist loop for ease of application and removal. The cool, breathable immobilizer with pillow and exercise ball encourages circulation and exercise and allows the arm to be in many positions.  Designed to help relieve anterior dislocations, bankart and slap lesions, rotator cuff, posterior capsule repairs and other conditions. 


  • Anterior Dislocation
  • Bankart and SLAP Lesions
  • Rotator Cuff Injury
  • Posterior Capsule Repair
  • Shoulder Reconstruction