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Brace Align Post Op Knee Brace L1833

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Product Highlights:

  • HINGED ROM DIAL: This knee brace features a Hinged ROM Dial allowing fixed range of motion following surgery or injury. The dial includes ROM extension settings in 10-degree increments from 0 - 90 degrees and flexion settings in 15-degree increments from 0-120 degrees for adjustable mobility during recovery.
  • TELESCOPING STABILIZER BARS: Equipped with Telescoping Stabilizer Bars adjustable from 17” to 28”, the brace ensures a comfortable fit for most heights. Quick release buttons facilitate easy length adjustment, enhancing convenience and comfort.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDING & OPEN DESIGN: Designed to Protect Your Injury, this brace features comfortable padding and an open design for breathability. Adjustable sidebars and velcro straps provide a secure fit and comfortable compression, essential for effective healing.
  • IDEAL FOR KNEE RECOVERY: Perfect for Recovery from knee fractures, dislocations, meniscus injury, ligament surgery, arthritis, and post-surgery care for MCL, ACL, and PCL, this brace offers targeted support and stabilization.
  • PERSONALIZED SUPPORT: Reach out to Brace Direct (an American Owned Company) to schedule an appointment with a fitting professional for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit.
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Brace Align Post Op Knee Brace L1833
Brace Align Post Op Knee Brace L1833

Brace Align Post-Op Knee Brace: Advanced Support for Knee Recovery

Optimize your knee recovery with the Brace Align Post-Op Knee Brace. Engineered for post-surgical rehabilitation, it features a Hinged ROM Dial with adjustable extension and flexion settings, Telescoping Stabilizer Bars for a custom fit, and comfortable padding for day-long comfort. This brace is perfect for aiding recovery from knee surgeries and injuries, offering secure, adjustable support tailored to your healing process. Suitable for both men and women seeking reliable knee stabilization post-surgery.


To ensure the best fit, measure the circumference of your leg 6 inches above the knee for the thigh width and 6 inches below the knee for the calf width. Consult our sizing chart or contact us for our Perfect Fit Promise, guaranteeing you the ideal brace fit for your recovery needs.


  • ACL, MCL, and PCL surgeries
  • Knee dislocations and fractures
  • Meniscal injuries and repairs
  • Ligament surgeries
  • Sports injuries and recovery
  • Strains and sprains
  • Tibial plateau and Condylar fractures
  • Osteochondral repairs
  • High Tibial Osteotomies (HTO)