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Brace Direct IcedHeat Hot and Cold Water Circulating Machine with Universal Pad

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Product Highlights:

  • ADVANCED THERAPEUTIC RELIEF: Provides both cold and hot therapy for optimal muscle and joint relief.
  • INTUITIVE DIGITAL INTERFACE: Allows for precise temperature and flow rate adjustments.
  • UNIVERSAL COMFORT: The ergonomic pad adapts to various body contours, ensuring a comfortable therapeutic experience.
  • WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION: Discreet and silent therapy sessions, ideal for night-time use or in quiet environments.
  • PERSONALIZED SUPPORT: Reach out to Brace Direct (an American Owned Company) to schedule an appointment with a fitting professional for a free video fitting and adjustment session to achieve the perfect fit.
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Brace Direct IcedHeat Hot and Cold Water Circulating Machine with Universal Pad
Brace Direct IcedHeat Hot and Cold Water Circulating Machine with Universal Pad

The BraceDirect IcedHeat Cold Hot Therapy Unit is a revolutionary therapeutic device, designed to provide long-lasting relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation. Whether you're recuperating from surgery, an athletic injury, or seeking relief from arthritis, this machine caters to your needs with precision. The digital interface offers easy temperature and flow rate adjustments while the ergonomic universal pad adapts to various body contours, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness.


To ensure the best therapeutic experience, please consult our sizing chart or get in touch with our team for the perfect fit promise. Alternatively, seek advice from your physician to determine the best configuration for your needs.


  • Arthritis Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Knee Pain
  • Post Operative Support
  • Post-trauma
  • Post Workout Recovery
  • Swelling/Inflammation

Quick and Easy Setup with the IcedHeat Therapy Machine

The IcedHeat Therapy Machine is intuitively designed for rapid relief. Its straightforward setup means you can alleviate pain swiftly—just add ice or warm water to transition between cold and hot therapy. Tailored for urgent relief, this machine ensures you get the therapeutic attention you need without any complicated preparation.

Comprehensive Relief with the IcedHeat Therapy System

The IcedHeat Therapy System stands ready to soothe a variety of discomforts. Its universal pad seamlessly transitions between hot and cold therapy, meeting your need for relief with efficiency. It's ideal for various conditions, including post-operative recovery, persistent back pain, or aiding muscle rehabilitation. Enjoy precise temperature control for focused and effective therapeutic treatment.

User-Friendly Operation of the IcedHeat Therapy Machine

The IcedHeat Therapy Machine is designed with your ease in mind. Adjust temperatures quickly using the straightforward digital control panel, whether you need warming heat or cooling therapy. The system's consistent temperature maintenance provides you with dependable relief, making your healing process as smooth as possible.

With Brace Direct's Perfect Fit Promise, you're assured of the ideal therapeutic match with your IcedHeat Therapy Machine. We are committed to your comfort and recovery, offering ongoing support to ensure your therapy sessions are consistently effective and tailored to your personal needs.

Get to Know Your Iced Heat Therapy Unit

Advanced Therapeutic Relief for Pain and Inflammation
Step-by-Step: Setup & Use
Simple Steps for Effective Therapy
Step 1
Fill water in the bucket to above the minimum water line: Add hot water for Heat Therapy and cold water for Cold Therapy.
Step 2
For cold therapy; Add ice to the bucket, avoiding filling over the max water level.
Step 3
Replace the lid onto the bucket, securing it closed by turning the handle upright.
Step 4
To connect the pad and tubing, press the metal button on the tubing's connectors. Insert the connectors on the pad into the tubing until they click into place for a secure connection.
Step 5
Place the pad with the plastic side down. Apply to the affected body part and use the elastic wraps to secure the pad to the body.
Step 6
Adjust flow rate and treatment time using the buttons. Treatment times vary from 30 to 120 minutes.


What is the BraceDirect IcedHeat Cold Hot Therapy Unit designed for?

Our therapy unit is designed to provide advanced therapeutic relief with both cold and hot therapy options. It's ideal for addressing muscle and joint pain, inflammation, and swelling.

What conditions can the BraceDirect IcedHeat Therapy Unit help with?

This therapy unit is indicated for various conditions, including arthritis pain, inflammation, knee pain, post-operative support, post-trauma recovery, post-workout recovery, and swelling/inflammation.

Is the therapy pad comfortable to use?

Yes, the ergonomic therapy pad is designed to adapt to various body contours, ensuring a comfortable and effective therapy session. It provides universal comfort for different users.

Is the operation of the therapy unit quiet?

Absolutely! Our therapy unit operates with whisper-quiet performance, making it ideal for use during nighttime or in quiet environments. You can enjoy discreet therapy sessions without disturbances.

How can I adjust the temperature and flow rate for therapy?

The therapy unit features an intuitive digital interface that allows precise adjustments of temperature and flow rate for a customized therapeutic experience. Simply use the controls to set your preferred settings.