Brace Align

Discover Brace Align's premium range of medical braces, designed for optimal support and pain relief. From knee and back braces to specialized splints, each product is crafted for durability and comfort. With a Perfect Fit Guarantee, Brace Align offers solutions for various conditions like Achilles Tendinitis, ACL injuries, and more. 


Brace Direct offers a Perfect Fit Guarantee to ensure that customers receive the highest quality medical braces that fit perfectly. If you have issues with the fit, you can contact their customer service for assistance.
Yes, Brace Direct provides a wide range of medical braces for various needs, including back, knee, neck, shoulder, hand & wrist, and elbow injuries. They also offer therapy products.
You can reach out to Brace Direct's customer service at 1-800-257-5870 between 9am - 4pm EST, Monday to Friday. You can also email them at