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Reaction Strap & Liner for Ankle-Foot Orthosis AFO

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$99.99 - $99.99
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Size: 36-39 Size
Option: Left Option

Product Highlights:
  • As your Ottobock ankle-foot orthosis helps you with dynamic foot positioning and physiological gait using your regular walking shoes, the Ottobock strap and liner ensures ankle support and simplifies the securing and removal of the ankle brace.
  • Finest Quality Material and Components - Durable hook and loop closure on the strap & liner makes your Ottobock WalkOn Reaction AFO ankle brace easy to take on and off.
  • Machine Washable for Repeated Use - washing at least twice a week is recommended, using standard mild detergent and thorough air-drying.
  • Ottobock has a 100-year history as a leader in research and development of mobility products, including orthotics and prosthetics.
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Reaction Strap & Liner for Ankle-Foot Orthosis AFO
Reaction Strap & Liner for Ankle-Foot Orthosis AFO
Size: 36-39 Size
Option: Left Option

The WalkOn Reaction facilitates dorsiflexion and the use of ground reaction forces to influence the knee and ankle joint.

• Highly dynamic properties
(use of ground reaction force)
• Proven high durability
• Carbon fibre prepreg material for high energy
• Shin pad made of temperature-regulating padding
(Outlast) for improved skin hygiene and wearer
• High wearer comfort due to low weight and open
heel and the anatomically designed frontal support
• Pads and

The WalkOn Reaction supports patients with
dorsiflexor weakness with no or slight-to-moderate
spasticity. It can also be used for slight impairment of
the plantar flexion muscles, for foot deformities that
can be corrected with insoles and a lateral support
element and for slight impairment of knee extension,
for example constant fatigue of the knee extensors
during long periods of standing or walking. The
indication frequently occurs after a stroke, traumatic
brain injury, multiple sclerosis, neuromuscular
atrophy or peroneal paralysis.
The WalkOn Reaction is suitable for indoor and
outdoor use for patients with a high level of activity,
who need support for knee extension or flexion in
the mid-stance phase and during toe-off or heel
strike. The frontal support element allows it to
effectively influence the knee with the help of ground
reaction forces. The support element is noticeably
longer than in the other WalkOn orthoses, making it
possible to exert greater influence on deviations of
the frontal axes in the knee and ankle joint