Achilles Tendonitis Home Treatment

Achilles Tendonitis Home Treatment

Does your foot or ankle hurt? Did you injure your foot after playing a sport like soccer? If so, you may have Achilles tendonitis, and while you may need help from a physician, there are several home remedies you can try first. Here, we will describe the ten best Achilles tendonitis home treatment solutions.

Keep reading to learn what Achilles tendonitis is, the causes and symptoms of the condition, and whether to try an Achilles tendon treatment at home. Ready to get started? Let’s get right into it!

What Is Achilles Tendonitis?

diagram illustrating achilles tendonitis

You can think of tendonitis as the inflammation of a tendon. Tendons are strong tissues that connect your muscles to your bones. The Achilles tendon is the longest and most robust tendon in the human body. 

Achilles tendonitis is inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Most importantly, Achilles tendonitis is one of the typical reasons behind foot or ankle pain. 

Your foot may feel tender and have mild pain, or you may have more severe pain in your ankle. If the pain is severe, you should seek help from a healthcare professional as soon as possible. Otherwise, home remedies should do the trick. 

Why Do People Get Achilles Tendonitis?

foot highlighting heel or achilles tendon pain

The typical causes of Achilles tendonitis include an injury from a slip and fall or a sports injury, and athletes are at greater risk of tendonitis. You can also get Achilles tendonitis by over-using your foot or ankle muscles. Essentially, if you stay on your legs all day or spend several hours walking or running, you may end up with Achilles tendonitis.

You may have had an incorrect form when exercising. A lack of stretching before your workout can also inflame the Achilles tendon. People with arthritis, flat feet, or tight tendons may also have a greater risk of tendonitis. 

What Symptoms Are Common in Achilles Tendonitis?

The most common symptom of Achilles tendonitis is pain. You may have mild pain along with tenderness, and you may also have sharper, more severe pain. If you have Achilles tendonitis, you’re likely to feel your hurt leg more whenever you move that part of the body.

If you have pain in the back of the leg after sitting down for a long time and suddenly standing up, you’re likely to have Achilles tendonitis.

Another symptom of this medical condition is the inability to put your heel on the ground in a flat position after you’ve been off your feet, and you may also experience swelling. 

The Top 10 Home Remedies To Use for Achilles Tendonitis

Below, we detail the ten best Achilles tendonitis home treatment solutions to alleviate the pain and symptoms of Achilles tendonitis.

1. Rest Your Leg

Since Achilles tendonitis may occur from overuse of your legs, it’s essential to rest your leg. Take time off and heal your injured leg by relaxing on a couch. 

That type of self-care will help decrease the pain you feel from Achilles tendonitis. Let your leg rest and avoid ascending stairs, running, or even spending too much time walking around.

If you want to exercise your body, you can try going for a swim. Generally, swimming keeps any weight from affecting your joints or causing pain. You may need to rest your leg for at least a few days or weeks. Sometimes, Achilles tendonitis may take even a few months to heal. 

2. Ice To Relieve the Pain

woman holding ice pack on Achilles tendon pain

If you’re feeling pain in your ankle or foot, apply ice packs to the injured area for at least 20 minutes. That should help relieve some of the pain. The ice packs will essentially reduce the blood flow to your injury and, in turn, reduce inflammation. With the application of ice, you will feel less pain almost instantaneously.

You can also try making cold compresses to relieve aches and sore muscles. Cold compresses will also help reduce swelling associated with Achilles tendonitis. Further, it will relax your muscles.

3. Gentle Massages

You should gently massage your foot and ankle. If you prefer, you can get a masseuse or a physical therapist to provide gentle massages. Massages tend to increase blood circulation and alleviate pain in the long run. You can also try an ice massage to reduce that pain further. 

You can also try doing some gentle stretches and exercises on your foot and leg after rest. In particular, try strengthening exercises to ensure your leg becomes more stable and pain-free. Calf stretches can help you the most as your leg heals, and these home remedies should help reduce your symptoms. 

4. Add Turmeric to Your Diet

turmeric powder

Turmeric is a truly miraculous spice that you should truly consider adding to your diet. Turmeric has the important ingredient of curcumin, which can treat the pain associated with Achilles tendonitis. 

Among scientists, you will see that turmeric is known as the best natural substance you can use as a painkiller. Research published in the European Journal of Pharmacology describes how curcumin activates the opioid system, which is associated with reducing pain and providing a pain-relief response. 

Curcumin also has an anti-inflammatory property to make your leg’s swelling and inflammation go away. You can use turmeric as a spice in your dinner or lunch and a turmeric tea before bedtime. 

5. Use Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil works as an excellent fat-soluble antioxidant to relieve inflammation and treat your Achilles tendonitis. The antioxidants in vitamin E oil remove the free radicals from your system that lead to pain. Essentially, it’s another great way to provide pain relief.

Does your ankle or foot have inflammation and soreness? If so, vitamin E oil can relieve that inflammation and soreness while improving circulatory function. You will no longer have much leg swelling if you use vitamin E oil, which promotes healing. 

6. Incorporate Castor Oil for Achilles Tendonitis Home Treatment

castor oil

Another possible home remedy for Achilles tendonitis is castor oil, and this substance can reduce the impact of tendonitis symptoms. Castor oil also contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient known as ricinoleic acid.

Castor oil is a plant-based oil that treats various illnesses, including wrinkles and stomachaches.  

You can apply the castor oil to your injured foot or ankle onto the skin about two or three times per day. The Achilles tendon will have reduced inflammation or swelling from the castor oil. Further, you won’t feel as much pain after using castor oil on your leg.

7. Keep Your Foot in a Flexed Position Using a Bandage

You should go to your local pharmacy to buy long bandages for your foot. Use the bandage to wrap around your foot in a way that keeps your foot in a flexed position. Doing so will reduce the movement of your Achilles tendon, which can offer pain relief.

When you’re asleep at night, you’re likely to move around in your bed and move your legs. That can become problematic when you have Achilles tendonitis. However, with a bandage holding your foot flexed, you can have a better night of sleep as your Achilles tendon receives a stretch while immobile. It will prevent involuntary motion and keep your foot from getting worse. 

8. Use a Brace at Night When Sleeping

man sleeping in bed

A night brace is also a great idea to use when you’re sleeping. That’s because it keeps your tendon from getting stiff or even getting shorter at night. You can talk to a healthcare professional about getting a customized brace or orthotics.

With a brace, your Achilles tendon will have more rest. Best of all, you will get a better night of sleep. 

A brace at night will reduce the pain and stiffness in your ankle or calf. Your heel will also feel better during the day if you wear a brace over your foot at night. 

9. The Right Shoes Will Protect Your Feet

Protective footwear is essential for treating your Achilles tendonitis symptoms. Pick the right athletic shoes, such as those that support your heel and the arch of your foot. Protective footwear will help cushion your heel. Essentially, the right shoes will help your Achilles tendon heal and become free of pain. 

Purchase silicone heel pads to decrease any excess pressure on the Achilles tendon. Getting the proper footwear will provide the pain relief you seek when you’ve hurt your Achilles tendon. This may not be the typical home remedy, but it will help your foot heal. 

10. Stay Away From Tobacco

Smoking tobacco can have detrimental side effects and can negatively impact Achilles tendonitis healing. Tobacco smoke reduces the blood supply to the injured tendon and surrounding tissues, preventing the blood system from repairing the injured foot or ankle.

As such, smoking will keep your leg in pain for a longer amount of time. Therefore, you’ll want to stop smoking tobacco. You can use nicotine patches to help you quit smoking or speak with a therapist who can assist you with quitting the bad habit. Quitting smoking and these other home remedies will help heal your injured Achilles tendon.

The Final Word

These top ten Achilles tendonitis home treatment solutions can be simple, effective methods to help you alleviate the pain you feel in your foot and lower leg. By reducing inflammation and improving function, you can provide relief from Achilles tendonitis pain.

If the home treatments haven’t worked and you’re still in pain, or the pain is worsening, seek the help of a medical doctor. 

But if the at-home treatments provide relief, you’ll be up and about and back to living pain and injury free. Plus, you’ll have the necessary tools and knowledge important for pre-workout stretching and future Achilles tendonitis pain prevention.