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Holiday Gifts for Those with Arthritis

With Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to consider what gifts to buy for your family members and close friends. Do you wonder what to get your aging parents? If you have anyone in your family with arthritis, it would be a good idea to offer something that will improve their day-to-day. 

For example, a knee massager is a great choice to alleviate arthritic pain. Want to figure out the best holiday gifts for those with arthritis? Keep reading for our list of the perfect presents!

What Is Arthritis?

Before we delve into the best presents, it is vital to define what arthritis is. Generally, arthritis is more than one disease and refers to joint pain. You’ll find that there are more than 100 types of arthritis. In addition, it is the leading cause of disability throughout the nation.

Further, several types of arthritis are more common among older people and it is more typical in women than men. The typical symptoms of arthritis include stiffness, swelling, pain, and a low range of motion for your joints.

Symptoms can get worse over time and may get severe or remain mild. When the symptoms get more severe, you may face chronic pain and have difficulty completing day-to-day activities. 

What Are the Best Gifts for Arthritis?

person receiving a holiday gift from another person

The five best holiday gifts for those with arthritis include:

  • A knee massager product
  • An entire knee massaging bundle
  • A thumb brace
  • Hot and cold therapy products
  • A lumbar traction unit

Below, we delve further into these five holiday presents and how they can alleviate arthritic symptoms. 

A Knee Massager

knee massager for knee pain relief

At Brace Direct, you can purchase a heated knee massager for knee pain. The user-friendly knee massager has adjustable settings with a simple control panel in which you can control the temperature. Essentially, you can increase the heating setting. You’ll also love the ergonomic design of the knee massager.  

The massager is perfect for anyone with arthritis, as it is custom-made to fit over the knee joint. The massage therapy product is perfect for alleviating discomfort and joint pain while accelerating the recovery of those with arthritis. Those who have knee pain and a rather stiff knee would benefit from the massager. 

A Knee Massaging Bundle

Would you love to gift someone a complete knee pain relief bundle? The knee massaging bundle from Brace Direct is a wonderful choice since it comes with a perfect fit guarantee. Brace Direct will schedule an appointment with a professional who will provide a fitting and adjustment session to ensure your knee brace fits perfectly. 

The knee brace here has both a heating setting for massaging and will reduce the pressure off your knee joint. The knee massaging bundle will help people recover from osteoarthritis and chronic knee instability.

A Thumb Brace

hand wearing a thumb brace

Does your loved one have osteoarthritis? If so, he or she may benefit from an osteoarthritis thumb ring brace from Brace Direct. The brace here is meant to stabilize one’s joint in the thumb area. Furthermore, your friend or family member will gain pain relief from their arthritis with the help of a thumb brace.

Once again, the company provides a perfect fit guarantee with the help of an experienced staff member. The brace is waterproof, durable, and lightweight. The custom fit of the brace makes it perfect for comfort and stabilizing the thumb. Two straps can secure the thumb brace.

Most importantly, the gift here would provide the highest amount of pain relief for those suffering from osteoarthritis. 

Hot and Cold Therapy

woman getting cold therapy on her knee

You can find multiple different hot and cold therapy products for your loved ones to treat their arthritic pain. Brace Direct sells both the hot and cold water circulating machine and the heat-cold water therapy machine

The hot and cold water circulating machine is a portable product that is easy to use and remains rather quiet. It also includes a hot and cold water temperature display, a flow rate, and timer settings. With the incredible water circulating machine, localized pain relief is much more likely among those with arthritis.

The heat-cold water therapy machine provides targeted pain relief for numerous joints like the back, knees, legs, and shoulders.

A Lumbar Traction Unit With Heating and Massaging Properties

lumbar traction unit for lower back pain

If your loved one has severe back pain and sore muscles, you may want to get them a lumbar traction unit for the holidays. The heat therapy and massage properties of the lumbar traction unit will help alleviate stiff muscles, joint stiffness, mobility issues, and muscle spasms. 

Wrap Up

To ensure your friends and family members don’t suffer from arthritis and have true pain relief, consider purchasing any one of these five excellent holiday presents. The massagers and heat with cold therapy products will surely make your loved ones feel better in no time.